Products and Services

Occam's seeks relationships with innovative technology firms that have proven development capabilities. We aim to bring these novel technologies to the Canadian oil and gas industry to help decarbonize a field we all depend on. Our strategic partnerships introduce technologies that contribute to the long-term sustainability of the oil and gas industry.

Occam's is pleased to be an authorized sales agent of BayoTech Inc. BayoTech provides on-site hydrogen generation products. BayoTech produces hydrogen using patented small-scale steam methane reforming technology that is mobile, robust, and easily adaptable to the latest state of the art.

Occam's is an authorized sales agent of Lotic Technologies. In partnership with Lotic, we are able to offer mobile water treatment capabilities. Lotic's proprietary technology enables the removal of suspended solids, dramatic reduction in bacteria and pathogens, and flocculation of contaminated waters. This technology enables the recycling of produced waters in the oil and gas industry, dramatically reducing the amount fresh-water licensing that is required.

Occam's has an extensive network within the chemical manufacturing industry. We are able to source chemicals from around the world to meet particular needs and services for the oil and gas industry, water treatment, carbon capture, agriculture, construction. Reach out to us for a discussion about what your specific needs and how we can help.