On-Site Hydrogen

Occam's Technologies is an authorized sales agent of BayoTech's mobile hydrogen capabilities. BayoTech provides mobile on-site hydrogen as close to the point of demand as possible. This strategy substantially reduces transportation cost while accelerating the ability to access hydrogen as a viable working gas or fuel source. Mobile hydrogen has great potential to decarbonize energy demands in several sectors and Occam's is bringing this technology to the oil and gas industry.


BayoTech offers gas-as-a-service to introduce flexibility to its customers. This enables customers to access the value of blue hydrogen without putting up the high cost of initial capital investments. BayoGaaS gives customers access to low-cost, low-carbon hydrogen with all associated infrastructure to meet their needs. Options for compression, cooling, storage, and fuelling station dispensing can also be included.

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H2-200, 500, 1000 series

BayoTech has developed a series of modular steam methane reformers to supply blue hydrogen directly on-site to meet customer demands. Current scales offer 200, 500, and 1000 kg/day. Larger scales at 5000 and 10,000 kg/day are expected by Q4 2021 with even larger units, up to 30,000 kg/day in development stages. Each system includes: desulfurization, steam methane reforming, water gas shift, hydrogen purification, continuous on-line monitoring, process controls and safety shutdown systems, and water purification.

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