Research & Development

Occam's has developed a direct exhaust gas monitoring system that can quantify all three primary exhaust greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, N2O). This was developed in collaboration with oil and gas service providers so they can accurately measure the total amount of equivalent CO2 reaching the atmosphere, rather than implementing assumptions based off fuel combustion calculations. This technology is intended to provide important granularity into directly measured CO2 emissions so operators can make informed decisions in handling and addressing the carbon footprint.

Point-Source Diesel Engine CO2 Capture

Occam's is developing novel carbon dioxide capture technologies for several applications.  These include small scale low pressure emission sources that may be remote or impractical for conventional carbon capture. They also include high pressure carbon capture systems for the purification of carbon dioxide, hydrogen, methane, and other gases from a variety of gas mixtures.  These technologies are focused on the size range from 5 - 50 tons per day of CO2 and often require customization to meet specific needs.

Pitch Deck for Investment

Direct Methane Fuel Cell Development

Occam's is tying together some recent innovations with legacy fuel cell technologies to develop an extremely efficient power systems. This operation will combust natural gas, but will capture 100% of the produced carbon dioxide without conventional carbon capture technologies. This project is in development with collaborators at the University of Calgary. The aim of this project is to produce small scale power plants that deliver carbon-free electricity at prices that are currently being delivered today.