Occam's Technologies Inc.

It's all about the razor...

Occam's Razor

The simplest solution to any problem is probably the correct one.

Our efforts are focused on adopting existing technologies and innovating new ones to solve pressing problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are looking to adopt technologies from around the world to bring down carbon emissions wherever they exist.


The simplest solution is usually the best one, so we constantly ask ourselves whether we are actually considering the easiest solution to any problem. This value finds applications in technical problems as well as any administrative, personnel, or other type of problem that our teams face. By adapting solutions from other industries, we are able to innovate rapidly and with sound industrial precedence to address novel problems.


Efficiency is an important goal at Occam's, and in the search for simple solutions to complex problems, we often find ourselves becoming more efficient along the way. Sometimes though, we need to emphasize efficiency over simplicity, and this leads to our final core principle...


Sustainability will realize the long-term success of all Occam's ventures. This value dictates the balance between simplicity and efficiency. Our technologies are focused on improving the human impact on the world around us, so systems must always consider the immediate and long-term impact they will have on their environments.

Decarbonizing our Hydrocarbon Industry

The oil and gas industry has many opportunities to reduce its carbon footprint. Occam's is developing the capabilities both in-house and through strategic industrial alliances to introduce technologies that will help decarbonize the sector. Early technologies involve conversion of hydrocarbons to pure hydrogen, capturing carbon dioxide from different gas streams, and water treatment of produced waters. Future projects may involve converting this stored energy directly to electricity and conveying in onto the local electrical grid.